A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the world of spies nothing is what it seems. Nothing is simple. Nothing is obvious (yes it's the theme of the jam right there! Hurray us!). Except....


The one constant that keeps a spy going. Helps him manouver throught the slippery corridors of life (and occasionally an evil organization's secret HQ) and avoid certain death.

But be warned! Love must me nurished! Even in the fast paced life of a super secret ninja agent there must be room for a good talk with your sweetheart. Remember the ones that love us and help us go on (by pressing space) and don't die.

CONTROLS (read it guys)

use arrows for direction.

tap space bar when in range of your love walkie talkie to snd your love.

pay attention to Julia - your sweetheart as long as she loves you you van trust her.


Endless Spy Love v5.0.zip 32 MB